Confetti Balloons - Pack of 3 - Blue + Mint

Each pack contains 3 confetti balloons.

Color: Clear balloon with Holographic, metallic light blue, teal, baby blue and mint confetti.

Size: 18"

Material: Made of natural thick rubber latex that is 100% biodegradable.

Sold uninflated.

Colors may vary slightly from image shown.

Confetti and balloons are a natural combination, especially when the confetti color palette is beautifully combined, and the balloons are built to last any soiree, festive occasion, or party. Designed by Illume Partyware, the Confetti Balloons pre-filled with our Blue and Mint Confetti make any celebratory event a memorable one. Featuring confetti of metallic light blue, teal, baby blue, holographic and mint, these balloons are the perfect addition to any mermaid-themed birthday party, a mint-themed baby shower, or even an elegant and intimate Christening. These party balloons take luxury decorations to the next level by using only the highest quality of materials. Give them a shake and you’ll see the kaleidoscope of confetti whirling around, catching the light and illuminating any venue.

Constructed with 100% biodegradable latex, the Confetti Balloons with blue and mint 20mm confetti dots blow up to a generous 18 inches. Inflating to an elegant round shape they can be filled with either helium, air or a mix of the two. For best results inflate on the day of your party or if you have to inflate ahead of time store them in a sealable bag until the big day, away from heat and sunlight. But when you’re ready to make a statement like, “Let’s get this party started!” simply inflate, tie off, and watch these balloons feature at your extremely successful event!

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