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Balloon garlands offer a unique and festive decoration to any party, and you can’t go past these ready to assemble kits designed and styled to suit most party themes. Each kit contains absolutely everything you need to assemble a 1.8-metre garland, just read our product descriptions for all the details.

However, not all DIY balloon garland kits on the market are made equal. From the quality of the balloons to the ease of installation Illume Partyware prides itself on a designer product you’ll never want to take down. And nor will you have to for a week or more if you don’t want to.

A single balloon garland kit is a stunning addition to any party. However, with so many ways you can use balloon garlands we don’t always limit our inspiration to a single kit. For parties like theSorbet Pastel Balloon Party we layered up multiple pastel garlands to deliver a stunning balloon feature wall. These kits can be used to build balloon arches, feature walls, line stairways and wherever your imagination takes you. 

Here are a few questions to help you on your way:

What is the quality of Illume Partyware’s balloon garlands?We would boast they are the highest quality balloon garlands on the market!  Not only do our kits contain everything you need to inflate and assemble them, we partner with Qualatex for our balloons ensuring they are of the highest strength and elasticity possible.

How long does it take to make these balloon garlands? Designed with the busy host in mind allow up to 45 minutes to create each DIY garland from the instructions in the box or on our website.

Do I need helium? No, only air is required and a balloon pump is included in the kit.

Do I need tape to put the garland together? You may have heard of balloon tape, string or fishing line to make a balloon garland.  Our kits include clear string because it’s the most invisible, professional way to assemble them.

Does the balloon garland come inflated? No. These are DIY kits that include everything necessary to assemble a balloon garland, including a balloon pump.

How do I hang it up? We use removable 3M hooks when attaching to a clean wall, however, because you can put a balloon garland almost anywhere in a variety of settings and backgrounds we have allowed plenty of clear string to position your balloon garland.

How do I dispose of my Balloons? It’s important to ‘pin and bin’ all our latex balloons so they can decompose over time safely and not end up in drains or waterways.

Are Illume’s latex balloons biodegradable? Yes, our balloons are 100% biodegradable. Read our article about biodegradable balloons and the environment for more details.

What does double stuffed mean? It means there is one balloon inside another balloon. Through careful design and styling Illume has created unique colour palettes using single balloons and double stuffed balloons.

How do I make a balloon garland? Making a balloon garland is super easy when you follow our simple step by step instructions and tips in our free 20-page ebook 8 Amazing Things You Need To Know Before Making A Balloon Garland.

What is included in Illume's Balloon Garland DIY Kits? Illume Kits are complete with everything you will need, including string, a balloon pump and even double stuffed balloons (one balloon inside the other). Beautifully packaged in a cardboard box with super easy to follow instructions. To watch a video that shows you a peek inside click here

Need some inspiration? We have put together a collection of our favourites on our Party Ideas blog; Stunning Balloon Garland Ideas.


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