Balloon Garland Kit DIY- Blue & Silver

Each kit contains assorted balloons (some double stuffed), string & balloon pump.

Color: Assorted balloons in blues, silver and white.

Size: 1.8m / 6ft once assembled.

Material: Balloons are made of natural thick rubber latex that is 100% biodegradable.

Sold uninflated - assembly required.

Colors may vary slightly from image shown.

It’s time to take your celebrations to the next level with this incredible signature Balloon Garland in Silver and Blue. Perfect for a wedding or engagement party, a baby shower, birthday party, or even a Christening, this beautiful balloon creation is a simple way to bring style and substance to your party decorations. Downright darling, this Balloon Garland comes as a kit, for your easy setup.

Set aside 30 to 45 minutes and use the carefully selected color combination of blue, baby blue, silver, and white balloons to create a minty-fresh, Tiffany-cool stream of balloons six feet long! We’ve also included string and a balloon pump so you can get started right away! Pump up each balloon and tie off. Double-stuffed balloons only need to be tied on the inside. Create 26 pairs of balloons: 13 pairs of 11-inch and 5-inch sets, and 13 pairs of 5-inch and 5-inch sets. Arrange the balloons on the string, starting at 70 centimeters in, and then adjust the arrangement to your liking. Instantly brightening up any event space and amplifying the opulence of your unforgettable soiree.

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