Crafted from the highest-quality latex, these balloon bouquets incorporate color combinations that feature unique colored balloons with brilliant shine. Each pack includes a carefully selected mix of 8 balloons, including double-stuffed balloons (one balloon inside the other) to create a signature look. Balloons can be inflated with air or helium.

How do I inflate the Balloon Bouquet with helium? We have created a video tutorial demonstrating how to inflate and assemble Illume’s Balloon Bouquet Packs. There are quite a few tips and tricks to help you get a finished product, quickly and without fuss that any balloon stylist would be proud of! Make sure you check it out.  

What is a Balloon Bouquet?A Balloon Bouquet can be defined as a bunch of balloons that are arranged in a group and used for special occasions.

What size are the balloons in the Balloon Bouquets?Each balloon contained in our Balloon Bouquet packs is 11 inches.

How many balloons are in each Balloon Bouquet? Each Balloon Bouquet pack contains  8 x 11” latex balloons.

What is the quality of Illume’s Balloon Bouquets?Illume Partyware is proud to partner with Qualatex to supply the highest quality latex balloons. No fillers or substitutes are used to make these balloons - they are 100% natural latex, 100% biodegradable and 100% sustainable. 

How long does it take to prepare an Illume Balloon Bouquet?We estimate it will take approximately 10 to 15 minutes to inflate, arrange and secure your Balloon Bouquet kit. Learn more in our tutorial How to Inflate Balloon Bouquets.

Do I use helium to inflate the Balloon Bouquet?Yes, we recommend using helium to achieve the full effect of our Balloon Bouquets. However they can be filled with air if balloons are to be hung from the ceiling or similar. 

What is the float time of Illume’s Balloon Bouquet?Research shows average float time is 5-7 hours. Float time can vary significantly based on the level of inflation (under inflation, regular inflation, or over inflation), size of balloon (9-inch, 11-inch, 18-inch), and external factors such as temperature and altitude. Balloons float longer in colder temperatures. 

How long before the party should I inflate my Balloon Bouquet?We recommend inflating balloons 1-2 hours prior to the event for the best results.

How do I know how big to inflate each 11” balloon?Professionals use a balloon sizing template to ensure each balloon is exactly the same size, however, if you are going by eye you are looking for an oval appearance. Balloons shaped like light bulbs or pear-shaped balloons are overfilled.

What are the double stuffed balloons in the bouquets?Double Stuffing, also known as Balloon Layering, is combining two balloons together, one colored balloon inside a different coloured balloon to create custom colors. Read our blog post on How to Inflate your Double Stuffed Balloons for more details.

Is string and a balloon weight included in Illume’s Balloon Bouquet Packs?No. Each pack contains 8 x 11” high quality, latex balloons. String and balloon weights will need to be purchased to complete each bouquet.

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