Silver Dot Large Plate - Pack of 10

Each pack contains 10 large paper plates made of high quality thick stock.

Color: Silver.

Size: 9” (23cm) diameter.

Material: High quality thick paper card stock.

The Silver Dots Large Plate is an exceptional way to serve your guests at all kinds of special occasions. A perfect addition to any birthday party, Christening, wedding or engagement, the Silver Dots Large plate is the very essence of simplicity while still being chic and elegant. A crisp white plate featuring demure foil dots, this stack of silver party plates can be used as a table setting or invite your friends, family and guests to help themselves to a buffet-style meal. To help you serve in style, these party plates come in a convenient pack of 10 and features a steep inner dish with a grooved circular top for easy handling. Each Silver Dots Large Plate measures a generous 9 inches or 23cm in diameter, which is perfect for holding larger, more heavier meals while still keeping the style of your festive event alive. The silver dots on each plate run through in perfectly symmetrical lines, making the design of the Large Plate almost too pretty to eat on. The Silver Dots Plate is designed to be durable and fashionable, crafted from high-quality card stock. These large plates are built to withstand the weight of food and snacks through the course of your event.

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