Rose Gold Foil Cup - Pack of 10

Each pack contains 10 paper cups made of high quality thick stock.

Color: Rose gold foil.

Size: 9OZ (300ml).

Material: High quality thick paper card stock.

Hold the Rose Gold Foil Cup up in celebration, cheers, or a toast and the room is likely to be filled with shimmering glints of lights. Wrapped in an elegant and warm-toned rose gold foil, these cups are sure to be the “highlight” of the party. Pun intended. There’s simply no missing the slightly metallic, luxurious sheen that the addition of the Rose Gold Foil Cup brings to your next birthday party, baby shower, christening, engagement party or even wedding reception. Your tasteful style in this choice of cups will be undeniable.

Illume Partyware’s Rose Gold Foil Cups come in a stacked package of 10 and can hold a good 9 ounces (300 ml) of your favorite drinks. They’re crafted, out of the highest quality, thick paper card stock, with the rose gold foil wrapping every inch of these solid paper cups, you and your guests will nearly forget it's paper. Rose gold party supplies are the perfect addition to parties and special occasions with a theme. They instantly bring a note of refinement and a classic vintage appeal.

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