Blue Foil Large Plate - Pack of 10 - 9” (23cm) diameter

Each pack contains 10 large paper plates made of high quality thick stock.

Color: Blue foil.

Size: 9” (23cm) diameter.

Material: High quality thick paper card stock.

Illume Partyware's Blue Iridescent collection is this signature Blue Foil Large Plate. These elegant paper plates, finished in a beautiful blue foil are high-quality and boutique-designed. Choose these blue paper party plates to make a truly special and memorable occasion even more remarkable. The incredibly durable and premium quality of the Blue Foil Large Plate is something your guests will marvel at and this quality is something Illume Partyware is well recognized for.

Fashioned of the thickest, high-quality paper card stock, sealed with beautiful ocean blue foil, this paper party plate comes securely packaged in a set of 10. What makes this plate even more exclusive and exceptional are its bold and beautiful edges. Each plate, 9 inches in diameter, is creatively cut and designed in a special decagon pattern for added appeal and a firm grip. The Blue Foil Large Plate holds a substantial meal as well as an extra helping of cake. But before you do that, hold it up to the light to admire its festive shimmer. Little more is needed that this beautiful tableware and its complementary decorations to transform your event into a grand occasion or something just as momentous!

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