Metallic Party Tattoos - Superhero Set

Metallic silver and black superhero tattoos for the face and body.

Easy to apply.

Includes over 25 tattoos.

Safe and non-toxic.

Bring your party to life with these awesome temporary kids' tattoos. Each pack includes silver and black spiders, bats, stars, lightning bolts, rocket, "Bang!""Pow!" plus more. Tattoos and can be cut up and worn in any way, wear them on your cheeks, nose, arms or hands. Made with shimmering silver foil and black ink.

APPLICATION: 1. Clean and dry skin. 2. Remove clear plastic sheet. 3. Apply tattoo face down on skin. 4. Thoroughly wet tattoo with wet sponge or damp cloth, press down firmly for 30 seconds. 5. Remove backing slowly to ensure tattoo has transferred. Leave to dry. REMOVAL: To remove use rubbing alcohol or baby oil. Tattoos will fade in a few days.

For a video tutorial visit our blog. Wholesale pricing available, visit our wholesale page for more information.

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