Merry Christmas Luncheon Napkin

Make every moment of your holidays count with the festive and celebratory Merry Christmas Luncheon Napkin. Built to withstand even the most decadent of Christmas meals yet decorative enough to use as a Christmas decoration in itself, this rose gold napkin is a crowd pleaser, year after year. Some traditions are meant to be continued and some are meant to be refreshed and begun anew: Incorporating Illume Partyware’s Merry Christmas Luncheon Napkins present the perfect opportunity for you to bring a new twist to your holiday traditions. Each luncheon napkin spans 16.5 centimetres around in a perfect square. For your convenience, these Merry Christmas paper napkins are packaged in a set of 20. Don’t be fooled by the luxurious feel of its three-ply weave nor the incredibly shimmering rose gold foil finish: These luncheon napkins are as strong as they are stylish. Use them to mop up the bits and pieces or a spill of holiday wine or cranberry sauce and you’ll see just what these napkins are made of. You can also use the paper serviettes to separate plates that are piled in a stack, allowing your guests to serve themselves. The Merry Christmas Luncheon Napkin allows the whole family to eat, drink and be merry this holiday season!

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