Light Pink 18" Foil Heart Balloon

Beautiful light pink heart-shaped foil/Mylar balloon.

Color: Light pink

Size: 18", 45cm

Material: High quality aluminum foil

Inflation: Air-fill and helium

Sweet and demure, the Light Pink 18” Foil Heart Balloon makes everything at a party venue just a little more honeyed. Make the pink Foil Heart Balloon a part of a delightful balloon bouquet or use it throughout your interior (and exterior!) space to mark the occasion. Perfect for outdoor summer garden parties, birthday parties, christenings, engagement parties, wedding receptions and even bridal showers, these Mylar balloons are sure to last as long as you and your guests do. Once filled, they seal off and will deflate on their own. Coming in at a compact 18 inches, and crafted of high-quality aluminum foil, these balloons don’t take up too much room — they’re the perfect size for pairing with other decorations while still being festive enough to catch your guests’ attention. To inflate the balloon, you can use air or helium. Lay it flat and on a smooth surface that won’t disrupt the inflation process of the foil. You can attach string and a paperweight to hold it down, or fill a room with these sweet additions overhead. Once the balloons deflate the next day, you can fold them down gently and store them for your next festive occasion.

For a video tutorial on how to re-use foil balloons visit

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