Confetti Silver

Silver confetti packaged in clear round box.

Color: Metallic silver and white.

Size: 20mm round discs.

Material: Foil and paper.

Packaging: Round clear box 12cm high x 4cm wide.

You’re a party planner of substantial taste and yet you enjoy subtlety in your decorations. There is no such thing as a “small detail” for you and you appreciate when something dainty and demure captures your attention. That’s why you’ll love adding festivity and elegance with Illume Partyware’s Confetti in Silver and White. Perfect for a New Year’s eve party, a birthday, a christening, a baby shower, a fancy engagement dinner party or even a wedding reception. The easy charm and shimmering appeal of our Silver and White Confetti will bring your event to life. Carefully packaged in a round, clear box, 12cm high x 4cm wide, each high-quality confetti dot measures 20 mm in diameter, white paper is mixed with metallic silver foil for the ultimate stylish effect. You can use it to brighten up any room, trail it on staircases, line an entryway or use them in balloons.

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