Blue Iridescent Cocktail Napkin - Pack of 20 - 3ply

Each pack contains 20 paper napkins made of high quality thick paper.

Color: Blue with iridescent foiling.

Size: 12.5cm when folded.

Material: Thick 3ply paper.

Don’t be too surprised at its soft touch when you pick up these luxurious and dainty Blue Iridescent Cocktail Napkins. Each square is covered with a clever spray of shimmering, metallic confetti foil dots that begins from the corner and moves diagonally, across the napkin, like a shower of rhinestones. Indeed, the bold, eye-catching shine of the silver foil confetti polka dots are ornate enough to look and feel like rhinestones, easily elevating your party to a chic and charming affair. Hand every guest a Blue Iridescent Cocktail Napkin as you serve them hors d’oeuvres or cake, a truly thoughtful gesture.

Another option is to have them individually placed on a stack of Blue Iridescent Large Plates or Dessert Plates, to accompany your guests as they mingle and move around the area, loading up their plates with something delicious each time. There is something truly artistic about a paper serviette that is decorated with iridescent dot foiling, a simple but creative design choice that instantly classes up an otherwise unassuming paper napkin. Each package of printed napkins comes in a set of 20 and is crafted of thick, soft, 3ply paper. Each blue confetti paper napkin measures 12.5 centimeters when folded so it’s easy to hold or tuck away without any fuss, but large enough to wipe away any spills. Choose these Blue Iridescent Cocktail Napkins as the perfect accessory to any blue party theme.

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