Balloon Bouquet - Pack of 8 - Pink & Gold

Each pack contains 8 x 11" assorted balloons (some double stuffed).

Color: Assorted balloons in pink, peach, rose gold, white and gold

Size: 11"

Material: Balloons are made of natural thick rubber latex that is 100% biodegradable.

Sold uninflated - assembly required.

Colors may vary slightly from image shown.

This high-quality Balloon Bouquet has been carefully designed to complement pink or gold-themed festive events such as; a birthday party, baby shower, engagement, or wedding party. This soft yet striking balloon collection will complete your decor with cheery details. Each pack contains 8 balloons in pink and gold tones ready to create dynamism and style through your party decorations.

Each balloon measures 11-inches and is crafted from the highest quality latex. 100% biodegradable and yet durable enough to last your entire occasion (and then some), the balloon bouquets come with two gold, two pink, two white, and two rose gold balloons. When you’re ready to bring some color to your decorations, count on this subtle and sweet balloon bouquet to do the trick! For a truly unique and signature look, our balloon bouquets include double stuffed balloons, in which one balloon sits inside the other for a charming color combo.

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