Picking the Perfect Happy Birthday Cake Topper

Picking the Perfect Happy Birthday Cake Topper

A Birthday is an exciting celebration that only happens once a year. And in honour of the special person you are gathering together to celebrate, I’m sure we’d all agree that the number one item on the “to do list” is the cake!

The cake is the center piece for all birthday parties, creating that pinnacle moment when everyone gathers around to rejoice and celebrate another year. We celebrate the year past and the year to come, including the highs and lows, challenges and fun times. Birthdays also give the best opportunity to let someone know how much they mean to you. It’s a powerful and fun day, to be celebrated in an amazing way.

Cakes can be bought, commissioned or baked yourself and once decorated the only thing you need is that perfect topper. How does one choose that final item that sits on top to announce the day? Here’s all the information you’ll need to know about cake toppers to pick the perfect one!

Why Use a Happy Birthday Cake Topper?

The main purpose of a cake topper is to communicate. A beautiful cake can be for any occasion, but when you place a cake topper on the top it tells everyone what kind of celebration you are having. An ‘oh baby’ topper would indicate a baby shower, ‘love’ a romantic milestone, and ‘celebrate’ a happy occasion.  So when it comes to a birthday party, by choosing a ‘Happy Birthday’ cake topper it tells the story of the day without any further explanation. It reinforces the purpose you have all gathered together to celebrate.

What are Cake Toppers Made of?

Cake toppers come in just about any material you can think of, what you choose will depend on your party theme, budget and style you are looking to create for your birthday party. 

Acryliccake toppers are a solid or transparent plastic material that is strong and stiff and can be inserted into the top of the cake. They are often custom made for a party and are not biodegradable. 

Ediblecake toppers are made from icing that can be piped, shaped, moulded or printed on. They can incorporate the theme of the party, such as a mermaid’s tail, a message for the guest of honour, or even a photo. These are the most commonly used cake toppers as it can be planned directly with your cake designer.

Cardboardcake toppers are simple to use, biodegradable and can be selected easily from a party shop at the last minute. They often give that touch of luxury and thought without over complicating your party planning. 

Woodencake toppers are made from wood or bamboo and have a natural, earthy feel to them. Often hand crafted, planning and coordination with your baker is a must. 

Metal cake toppers are again hand crafted from either sheet metal or wire to create a monogram, sculpture or message for your cake.  They require planning and coordination to ensure the cake and its topper become one.

What are the Different Types of Cake Toppers?

As you flick through magazines or scroll through instagram for inspiration you will notice birthday cake toppers can be sorted into four main groups. Key factors in picking the type of cake topper will depend on; how much time you have, party theme, personal style and if you are coordinating with a baker.

Key Message.A simple ‘Happy Birthday’ cake topper can be quickly purchased online, from a party shop or even a baker themselves. They can easily be incorporated into any cake to clearly communicate the celebration. Often they are used in conjunction with edible cake decorations or flowers to enhance the overall impact of the cake for a special day.

Sculpted Toppers.These are usually made from fondant and tailored to suit a theme. They are 3D and often made by the baker to suit the style of the birthday cake. While they don’t usually convey a message like ‘Happy Birthday’ they aim to reinforce the overall party theme.

Personalised. A personalised birthday message is handmade and most commonly made from acrylic or cardboard. It will normally incorporate a name, age or message that is meaningful for the birthday person. Often a little more expensive, with a little planning this type of topper aims to provide an intimate touch to the birthday cake.

Decorative. If saying ‘Happy Birthday’ with a cake topper is not for you, then there is still plenty of choice in the form of flowers, fruit, lollies, toys, balloons and bunting for cakes. Choose something that will complement your party theme or colour and sing ‘Happy Birthday’ nice and loud!

How Easy are Cake Toppers to Use?

Using a cake topper is a simple process of removing it from the packaging and carefully inserting it into the top of your birthday cake. If you are purchasing and placing a ‘Happy Birthday’ cake topper yourself or for your baker then there are a few things to look out for to ensure a successful, easy experience. 

Quality. Look for a topper that is made from high-quality materials. A thick card stock that is rigid and won’t rip easily. Coated in foil or glitter foil will ensure that any contact with icing will ensure it doesn’t become stained and look tired.  

Food safe.It is important to check that your cake topper is labeled as safe to use with food. By purchasing a topper that is food safe you can be confident that no foreign particles will fall onto your cake, long after you have insert it. 

Strength.Well designed cake toppers are sturdy and don’t break while putting them in place. They should work in any type of cake and go into any frosting, including buttercream and fondant. You should have different elevation options through inserting the skewers deeper or in a more shallow position.

Reusable.  A high quality cake topper can be used many times. Simply wipe the wooden picks where the topper had been inserted into the cake with a slightly damp piece of paper towel, allow to dry, then place topper back into the original packaging. Store in a safe place till your next birthday celebration.

How to Choose the Right Colour.

Every birthday party has its own theme, style and inspiration. And while a cake topper adds luxury, elegance and decadence to a cake, its main purpose is to communicate not steal the show. For this reason a cake topper should complement your colour scheme. Some of the more popular colours include: Rose gold, Gold, Silver, pink and blue.  

When choosing a cake topper, look at the variety of other partyware that has been coordinated to match. This often provides a simple way to ensure a stylish scheme throughout your entire party. 

Once you see how incredible a ‘Happy Birthday’ cake topper looks and the reaction from that special birthday celebrant, you will insist on having them every time you throw a party! 

Where can I Buy a Happy Birthday Cake Topper?

There are a number of places you can find your perfect Happy Birthday cake topper. Online is the simplest way to click and have it delivered to your door or directly to your cake maker. Bakers often carry a selection of cake toppers so ask them before they start your cake so it can be incorporated. Party supply stores and cake decorating stores also carry a wide range of cake toppers to suit a birthday. You are sure to find the perfect ‘Happy Birthday’ cake topper for your next party!

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