How To Decorate Your Cupcakes With Cupcake Wrappers

How To Decorate Your Cupcakes With Cupcake Wrappers


When you’re a dedicated baker, and you produce enticing cakes, finishing your work off with cupcake wrappers feels incredibly satisfying. Whether you bake for fun, your local school sale, or on a commercial basis, finding the right cupcake wrappers can be tricky with so many different types on the market. However, if you are looking to take your efforts up a notch, knowing how to decorate with cupcake wrappers is an excellent addition.

What is a cupcake wrapper?

Decorativecupcake wrappers differ from the paper you use to bake cupcakes in. They’re usually made from high-quality foil and cardboard and are intended to house your cakes after the baking takes place. They give your baking a special edge, allowing them to look pristine.

When you use a cupcake wrapper, you make your cakes look neater, and you avoid icing spillages. Ideally, you’ll place your cupcake into the wrapper once it has cooled and decorate it from there. Alternatively, cupcakes can be placed into wrappers after they have been intricately decorated for their final presentation. Wrappers are also excellent for covering imperfections, allowing your cakes to look amazing.

Different types of cupcake wrappers and liners

It sometimes helps to understand the differences between various wrappers and liners. In doing so, you’ll make better shopping decisions ahead of your next baking session.

Baking cup

Baking cups are small cups that line baking tins as you bake. They prevent your mixture from sticking to the side and give your cakes a neat shape.

Paper liner

Paper liners, also known as baking paper, usually sit on top of your baking tray. They don’t hold your cake’s shape, but can protect your tray when you’re making cookies.

Foil liner/wrapper

Foil liners and wrappers are usually made from aluminium. They’re used to hold cake mixture for baking, usually in place of your baking tin and baking cups. Afterwards, you can keep your cake in the foil wrapper and decorate it using a cupcake wrapper.

Silicone liners

Silicone liners are similar to foil liners and wrappers, but the cupcake comes out instead of remaining inside them.

Cupcake liners

Cupcake liners usually contain your cake mixture while it bakes. Although they have a shape, they’re best used by placing them into a baking tray that’ll support their edges.

Cupcake wrappers

Cupcake wrappers are decorative wrappers that are NOT used in the oven. Instead, you place them around a ready-baked cupcake or around your foil liners or cupcake liners. They provide decorative embellishments, and they’re usually made from high-quality materials.

Why use a cupcake wrapper?

If adding acupcake wrapper to your baking seems like extra effort, it’s worth learning more about the benefits. First and foremost, they provide high-end décor that cannot be achieved without them. Many feature foil decorations, glitter, bright colors, and eye-catching designs. When you’re going to the effort of decorating with icing and other baking essentials, it makes sense to complement your efforts with a wrapper. Other benefits include:

Creating an impeccable finish

It’s rare that a cupcake leaves the oven in an impeccable state. If you prefer to hide small imperfections, a cupcake wrapper allows you to do so, with minimal effort. Many are large enough to hide a lot of mess, including mistakes such as icing dripping down the side.

Delivering high-quality results

When you’re baking for an event or a sale, you need to produce high-quality results that entice others. As cupcake wrappers feature top-end materials, they create the high-quality look your baking deserves.

Producing party themes

On the other hand, if you’re baking for a party, you need to do whatever you can to set the theme. Thanks to the range of cupcake wrappers available, achieving your theme is easy. Whether you’re hosting a baby shower, engagement party, or birthday bash, you can find a wrapper that will complement your existing décor and often along with a cupcake topper.

What to look for in your cupcake wrapper

If you’re going to spend money on cupcake wrappers, it’s worth dedicating time to finding the right ones. By looking for the following features, you’ll make sure your purchase is worthwhile:


If your cupcake wrapper is going to hold your cupcakes for a while, make sure it’s made from high-quality materials. This usually means cardboard that isn’t too rigid, and won’t rip easily. Additionally, aim for colors that are rich and patterns that are clear. If you’re using foil wrappers and wrappers with glitter, make sure they have no cracks or patchy areas.

Quick and easy to use

Although you love baking, you probably want to make certain parts of it end as quickly as possible. Adding a cupcake wrapper is usually the final stage of your efforts. As such, you’ll want wrappers that you can add to your cakes quickly and with minimal fuss.

Food safe

Finally, always check to make sure your wrappers are food safe. Sellers who adhere to legislative requirements will only provide those that are food safe. However, a small number of people don’t pay attention to the rules, and you need to avoid them. If the seller’s website or listing doesn’t explicitly state that the wrappers are food safe, ask them for evidence that they are.

Choosing from the wide range of wrappers available

With so many wrappers available, you’ll probably find yourself spoiled for choice. Some of the more popular colors include: Rose gold, Rose gold glitter, Gold, Gold glitter, Silver, Silver glitter, Iridescent and Chevron.

 The importance of choosing the right color

Colors have a powerful impact on your cupcakes and the people eating them. Choosing colors that complement one another gives your theme a sense of uniformity and allows it to remain inoffensive. One way to achieve this is to grab a color wheel and choose colors that are opposite one another, then mix and match those two colors across your cupcake wrappers. Finding the right color will also add to your overall theme. For example, if you’re hosting a baby shower, soft pastels will work well. 
Matching your cupcake wrappers with your partyware

There are a few approaches you can take to matching your cupcake wrappers with your partyware. The first involves matching complementary patterns with one another. For example: Small polka dots with stripes, Floral and geometric, Animal print and texture.
Alternatively, you can take your color wheel adventures a step further. Some people like to use colors that stem from a triad on their color wheel. This usually means imagining a triangle on there, and selecting colors from the three points. Doing this helps you avoid color overload by focusing on just two colors, but you still achieve an attractive look.

How easy are cupcake wrappers to use?

If you’ve ever used cupcake liners, it’s easy to assume that your wrappers may cause problems such as sticking. However, as wrappers aren’t used during the baking process, they won’t stick. Your main consideration for ease of use is to find a wrapper that matches the size of your cupcakes. Using one that’s too small won’t work, and using one that’s too large will drown your cake and leave it looking ridiculous.

Embellishing your wrappers with cupcake toppers

Finally, if you’re enjoying the decorative process and you want to take things a step further, consider usingcupcake toppers too. Unlike wrappers, cupcake toppers sit on top of the cake. They’re usually small enough to place on the icing, and they’re perfect finishing touches that contribute to your party theme. Even better still, they’re reusable, and many are plastic so washing them and keeping them hygienic is easy.

With the right cupcake wrappers, you can take your baking adventures to the next level. All you need to do is find some that are high quality and befitting of your party theme.

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