Oh Baby Rose Gold Glitter Cake Topper - 1 Pce

Pack contains 1 glitter cake topper made of high quality thick glitter card paper stock.

Color: Rose gold glitter.

Size: Approx. Height 4in x Width 5in. 10cm x 13cm

Material: Sealed glitter paper cardstock safe to use with food.

Fondant flowers and delicate icing, fantastic frosting and cream fillings — bring all of these cake decorations alive and entice your guests to dig into your cake by using the "Oh Baby" Rose Gold Glitter Cake Topper. Imagine a luminous, warm rose gold finish on a cake topper that sits on your cake like a sweet, eye-catching crown. These are the little details that go a long way towards instantly elevating the charm and appeal of your special event. The "Oh Baby" Rose Gold Glitter Cake Topper is one of the most popular ways to “finish” an element of your party that is both decorative and delicious. It’s hard to ignore this cake topper — with its smooth, flowing script and shimmering, stylish glitter finish, both you and your guests will enjoy the sense of luxury this cake topper brings to your party. It is crafted to be durable, lasting you for more than one occasion, and is food-safe. To keep the cake topper in top condition, remove the double picks and wipe down with a damp cloth. Wipe the smooth surface of the “Oh Baby” lettering. Let it air dry and then store it away in a clear bag until your next event. This is one decoration that makes a mark.

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