Iridescent Cocktail Napkin - Pack of 20 - 3ply

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Each pack contains 20 paper napkins made of high quality thick paper.

Color: Pastel with foil dots

Size: 12.5cm when folded.

Material: Thick 3ply paper.

Like perfectly cut squares reflecting a pastel rainbow, the Iridescent Pastel Cocktail Napkin completes the decorative pastel collection with matching paper serviettes. Simply stunning when paired with its iridescent plate and cup companions, the Iridescent Pastel Cocktail Napkin can also be used as a standalone decoration for your next special birthday party, baby shower or christening. Designed with love by Illume Partyware, these simple but magical pastel paper napkins manage to exude just the right combination of luxurious appeal with whimsical, kid-friendly charm.

The Iridescent Pastel Cocktail Napkin is not only a worthy (and highly useful!) companion to Illume’s iridescent pastel range of party supplies. It’s also a nifty napkin to have when serving snacks or food in a buffet-style setting. At thrice the ply, the Iridescent Cocktail Napkin manages to mop up potential spills wherever they occur with a quick dab. Each of the serviettes measures a compact 12.5 cm and comes in a pack of 20 paper napkins. To accentuate and continue the line’s special theme, every Iridescent Pastel Cocktail Napkin features a bright spray of shimmering foil dots that rise from the base toward the top of the napkin like a confetti.

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