Holographic 19" Foil Star Balloon

Beautiful holographic star-shaped foil/Mylar balloon.

Color: Silver holographic

Size: 18", 45cm

Material: High quality aluminum foil

Inflation: Air-fill and helium

When we were children, we were told to “wish upon a star to make dreams come true”. Now, you can bring that same air of delight and innocence to your young ones with these bright, silvery Mylar balloons in the shape of stars. As the star twists and turns through the room, you’ll catch different angles of its holographic, reflective surface and be dazzled. This shimmering decoration helps you to celebrate any festive occasion with style. Ring in your little one’s birthday or decorate as a family for the holidays. Plan a spectacular New Year’s eve gala or simply make your dinner party a little more whimsical. The options are endless with the Holographic Foil Star Balloon. Measuring a whole 19 inches, the Mylar balloon is made with high-quality aluminum foil that is sturdy and durable. It inflates in minutes and seals itself off once it’s at capacity. You’ll be able to enjoy its bright illumination for the rest of the evening before it deflates itself the next day. Once it has deflated. you can gently fold the balloon and store it away to be reused for your next event. This Holographic Foil Star Balloon can be inflated with air or helium. Take your pick and set the scene — this is the birth of a star!

For a video tutorial on how to re-use foil balloons visit our blog.

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