Confetti Balloons - Pack of 3 - Pastel

Each pack contains 3 confetti balloons.

Color: Clear balloon with holographic, yellow, pink, peach, purple, baby blue, and mint confetti.

Size: 18"

Material: Made of natural thick rubber latex that is 100% biodegradable.

Sold uninflated.

Colors may vary slightly from image shown.

Packed to the brim with pre-filled handfuls of yellow, pink, peach, purple, baby blue, holographic, and mint confetti, these pastel Confetti Balloons are the perfect addition to any celebration. From Easter to baby showers, engagement parties to christenings, no special occasion is truly complete without joyful and festive party balloons. Bringing cheer to any event space, these decorative Confetti Balloons instantly elevate and enhance your party’s look and feel. Each pack of confetti party balloons comes with three pre-filled balloons incorporating our pastel 20mm confetti dots that shimmer and sparkle when they hit the light. Shining through the translucent balloons, they look absolutely magical and utterly dynamic.

Every balloon is made in the USA and crafted of the strongest and most durable latex. Harvested from plantations that are Rainforest Alliance Certified, the material in these beautiful balloons slowly breaks down over time, in a natural way. All you need to do is inflate the balloons, with either helium or air and then tie off. Once inflated to their full size, they measure 18 inches and are round in shape. Make sure to rub the balloons together to create enough static electricity for the confetti to stick to the outside of the balloon, et voila! Your festive occasions can begin!

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