Silver Foiled Striped Paper Straws - Pack of 25

Pack contains 25 paper straws made of high quality thick card stock.

Color: Silver.

Size: 19.5cm in length.

Material: Thick paper cardstock.

Select a set of Silver Foiled Striped Paper Straws and your special event will be complete. At Illume Partyware, we know that the true mark of a good host is in the details — and these sassy straws draw the eye in and set the scene. The perfect accompaniment to cocktails, mocktails, bowls of punch and even children’s beverages, there’s simply no age limit on the whimsy and elegance that the Silver Foiled Striped Paper Straws bring to occasions as diverse as summer garden parties, birthday parties, New Year’s Eve festivities, holiday celebrations, Christenings, wedding and engagement receptions, baby showers, bridal showers and so much more. The Silver Foiled Striped Paper Straws are an instant way to spice up your party scene, catching the eye of your guests with its shimmering silver foil ribbon sashaying its way around the straw. To start the design of these paper party straws, we began with a high-quality thick paper card stock, measuring 19.5 cm long. Next, we sealed off the straw with a luminous single silver metallic stripe that twists and twirls around the length of the straw. We then packaged the set with 25 durable, attractive straws, helping you add sparkle and shine to your drinks menu.

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