Silver & Black, Stripe & Spots Cocktail Napkin - Pack of 20

Each pack contains 20 paper napkins made of high quality thick paper.

Color: Silver & black print with silver foiling.

Size: 12.5cm when folded.

Material: Thick 3ply paper.

Did somebody say ‘cocktail’? Oh, yes! The Silver & Black Stripe & Dots Cocktail Napkin says it all without saying a word. Its chic and elegant design instantly amps up any New Year’s eve party, birthday party, holiday occasion, bachelorette party, wedding or engagement reception, while signaling to your guests that it’s time for the drinks portion of the evening to commence! At just 12.5cm in size, however, these ‘cocktail’ napkins can also be a great way to accompany desserts and finger foods that your guests can tuck into as they’re mingling and enjoy their evening. Mop up any accidents or brush off those crumbs from your evening dress with its signature 3-ply weave, built to provide a soft, luxurious feel while being absorbent enough to address any sudden spills. True to its name, the Silver & Black Stripe & Dots Cocktail Napkin features an elegant design on both sides. Flip to one and you’ll see a simple and symmetrical design of six alternating stripes, finished in dark, sombre black, a beautiful and striking contrast against the decadence of the shimmering, metallic silvery foil stripes. On the other side, you’ll be met with a similarly alternating pattern of black and silver dots, which are understated and yet impactful.

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