Silver & Black Stripe Cup - Pack of 10

Each pack contains 10 paper cups made of high quality thick stock.

Color: Silver & black.

Size: 9OZ (300ml).

Material: High quality thick paper card stock.

Clean, elegant and almost masculine, the appeal of the Silver & Black Stripe Cup comes in its clever use of minimalist black and an almost holographic silver foil to create drama and dimension. All this in a paper party cup? You bet! At Illume Partyware, we’re always trying to push the boundaries of design while keeping up the luxurious look and feel of our products. That’s why the Silver & Black Stripe Cup features our signature four-stripe design, playing with the use of white space to create a cup that absolutely oozes a modern and minimalist aesthetic. Quality products are our priority so each party paper cup in the pack of 10 is crafted from the highest-quality thick paper card stock. Our design is where durability meets decadence. The Silver & Black Stripe Cup is capable of holding 9 ounces or 300ml of liquids, either hot or cold. Some mulled wine for the holidays, anyone? Or get fancy and fashion your self-serve drink stand with these stylish cups! Whatever you’re planning to serve your guests at your next special occasion, the Silver & Black Stripe Cup is the perfect companion. Our cups feature a smooth, rolled-over mouth for easy sipping or drinking, without any spills over the top. Better beverages call for a better cup — don’t you agree?

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