Silver & Black Spots Dessert Plate -Pack of 10

Each pack contains 10 dessert paper plates made of high quality thick stock.

Color: Silver & black.

Size: 7” (18.5cm) diameter.

Material: High quality thick paper card stock.

Imagine serving your guests carefully planned treats and party snacks from a plate so elegant and demure, it simply invites one to relax and get into the party mode. This is the Silver & Black Dots Dessert Plate. Small enough for sugar treats and little party sandwiches, but large enough to encourage your guests to go for a second helping. Designed to be a standalone dessert plate or an elegant table setting accompaniment to our Large Silver Foil Plate or the Silver & Black Dots Large Plate. These dessert plates feature the same design in miniature to the Silver & Black Dots Large Plate. That means you can expect a matching silvery and black foil spot patterning, laid out in the same symmetrical design, with a deep dish inset to hold more trickier foods like pudding or custards. Grooved edging once again makes it easy for your guests to grip and enjoy their food while sitting in non-traditional seating like Boho tables or lounge chairs. These paper party plates are a compact 7 inches, or 18.5cm in diameter. Perfectly packaged in a set of 10, these high-quality thick paper stock, finished in eye-catching foil spots, is perfect for your next Christening, bachelorette party, bridal shower, winter-themed wedding and even holiday celebrations.

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