Confetti Balloons - Pack of 3 - Silver

Each pack contains 3 confetti balloons.

Color: Clear balloon with silver and white confetti.

Size: 18"

Material: Made of natural thick rubber latex that is 100% biodegradable.

Sold uninflated.

Colors may vary slightly from image shown.

How do you finish off a silver-themed party? Well, if you have a taste for the subtle yet dramatic, you opt for our signature-designed Illume Partyware Confetti Balloons with Silver Confetti for maximum shine and luxury. Nothing signals the kick-off of a festive occasion like balloons, and these elegant elements welcome guests and make fun inevitable.

Oozing with chic appeal, our high-quality confetti-filled balloons measure 18 inches when inflated and come pre-filled with metallic silver and white confetti. Their stylish round shape is perfect for capturing the natural lighting in your event space and highlighting the ambience you’ve already created. Our pack of confetti balloons comes with three balloons that can be inflated with either air, helium or a mix of both. When you’re ready to fill the room with shimmering and luminous balloons, simply inflate the balloons, tie them off and then rub them together to create enough static electricity.

At Illume Partyware our commitment to the environment is as strong as our focus on your party’s decorative details. We encourage customers to “Pin and Bin” our balloons ensuring their 100% biodegradable latex breaks down slowly and naturally as it was intended.

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