How To Celebrate And Enjoy The Day

How To Celebrate And Enjoy The Day

Here at Illume Partyware we are all about celebrating life! Be it a birthday, milestone or special holiday it’s all about loved ones coming together to spend time, share memories and celebrate happiness.

All too often I hear phrases like “never again”,“it was just too much work”,“thank goodness we don’t have to do that for another year”. Here I share my stress free tips on how to enjoy your celebration and therefore hopefully have more of them!

Perfection is not the goal

Sometimes we get caught up trying to make our party look like a magazine shoot. The celebration is about a milestone so keep the focus on what’s important. As long as there is food, drinks and a plate to eat on, everyone will bond. Any additional styling is to the taste of the host and the importance of the event, i.e. wedding versus barbeque. Whatever the occasion; spending time together and supporting loved ones is the most important.


Minimalistic has made a great impression on the design world. This is the same when it comes to parties. Picking a few key feature pieces (cake, colour theme, statement decorations and food) will go a long way to bringing a party together without too much fuss.


As host, you don’t have to bear the burden on your own. There are always many people who would love to help bring the day together. Think who could; take photographs, prepare thank you gifts, be the bar tender and serve food. The less you have to do, the more time you will have to enjoy yourself!

Plan Ahead

A clear idea of what you are creating and what is needed to bring it all together means less stress. Develop a mood board, write a list, set deadlines, understand delivery dates and availability and then not only will the event come together beautifully, you won’t be biting your nails wondering what you’ve forgotten.


There are many wonderful party professionals that just love to bring a celebration together! So, if it’s just not your thing, or you only like certain elements look to others to help you; bakers, cookie stylists, balloon professionals, florists, partyware stockists and party stylists. The industry is alive with talent and creativity that you can tap into at any time.

Start Early

Do as much as you can before the day arrives. Have deliveries well scheduled to ensure you aren’t wondering if they will turn up. Setup and decorate the day before, that way on the day you will have a lot more free time to mingle and have fun with your guests.

Enjoy the Journey

A lot of work goes into bringing a celebration together, cherish the planning and preparation as much as the party itself and the whole experience will be more nourishing. I find if you can slow things down, outsource what you don’t enjoy and focus on what brings you happiness, then it’s not just an end result, but a beautiful, creative journey.

“Whatever the occasion; spending time together, and supporting loved ones is the most important.“

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